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E-Max Echo Point of Sale

The Echo is a comprehensive, fully integrated point-of-sale and bingo hall management station for the E-max® gaming system.

E-max Echo POS

Simple setup. Comprehensive reporting.


Download important manuals and brochures for the E-max Echo point-of-sale system.

All-in-one touchscreen system that serves as a centralized hub for the E-max Gaming System

Manage sales and loading of gaming units with automated inventory management and sales recording functions

Robust reporting system that includes full game and session sales analysis

Supports many networked stations, each capable of distinct functionality

Operates over the E-max gaming system's secure 5GHz wireless network

Secured with 5 levels of password protection and encrypted data transfers

Multilingual support available in English and French (CA)

Echo's modular software format allows it to be configured to comply with the laws of any jurisdiction

Item Number

What's Included

The E-max Echo Point of Sale System includes an all-in-one touchscreen PC, optional IR Scanner, locking cash drawer, thermal receipt printer, inkjet report printer, and UPS backup battery.

Echo POS System

Player Tracking & Rewards

With EasyID, venues can obtain key knowledge of a player's demographics, spending, attendance, and other data to help maximize profits and create customer loyalty.

  • Players can earn and accumulate points for purchases
  • Points can be redeemed for free or discounted items
  • Establish various player class ratings (based on spending) that reward players with extra bonus points
  • Quick enrollment feature during sales provides instant membership (player details can be added later)
  • Store a player's name, address, phone numbers, email address, gender, birthday, anniversary, drivers license number, social security number, bonus points, player class rating, attendance, purchase history, etc.
  • Generate player reports and print mailing labels
Single Blower Bingo Console

Increase player spend with integrated support for U-Pick games!

The Echo expands paper U-Pick gaming by loading U-Pick games onto our E-max electronic gaming units. This encourages more player spending, especially with large jackpot values.

  • Paper or electronic play - players can print and dab their U-Pick numbers or load them onto an E-max handset
  • Bingo console integration allows the caller to verify U-Pick cards
  • The optional card reader scans a player's picks quickly and accurately

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