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Frequently Asked Questions

MaxFusion Charitable Gaming System

The system is electronically, mechanically and software monitored. Any unexpected physical or software intrusion will perform a series of actions to prevent further use of the devices as well as logging the issue in the database for further review.

Yes. The system requires internet access for regular software/game updates, remote and regulatory reporting, and for technical support purposes.

Yes. The system allows the operator to setup multiple organization (or charities) and to track transactions associated with multiple organizations. Additionally, the system provides separate reporting for each organization.

Yes. MaxFusion security can be configured to have as many unique users as the location/charity requires. All user transactions are logged in the system and may be reviewed as needed.

MaxFusion supports 3 different categories of player devices: Cabinets, Tablets and Desktops. Cabinets are secure devices which are not meant to be moved and often contain their own bill acceptors. Tablets are part of our MaxFusion Mobile product line and can be easily moved and carried around by the player. Desktops are also part of MaxFusion Mobile but are a bit bigger with large touchscreen displays. All three types of player devices are exciting and provide an excellent charitable gaming experience.

Yes. The system has at least one printer provided when it is installed. Additionally, any printer can be used to print reports from MaxFusion Cloud, any where and any time. Convenient, huh?

The reporting engine has many reports available to the user. Here are just a few examples of the reports you have access to: Cash Box, Deal activity, Machine event logs, User actions, Ticket sales, Deals, etc. Custom reporting is available by request and new reports are added and made available when they are created.

We currently have 2 Progressive Jackpot games in our game library, where permitted. Each one is fully configurable to grow as slowly or as fast as you want. Each game's Reset Value, Ticket Contribution and Win Ratio can be configured in the system. The Progressive's work across multiple machines and multiple deals in the location. Advanced Progressive consultation is available as needed.

We keep the new games coming! We employ a full service game studio at our offices in Cleveland, Ohio. We also have outside partners we work with to help us make the best games in the industry.

MaxFusion systems (and/or certain options & features) are not legal in all jurisdictions.

Please contact your authorized distributor for more information on how MaxFusion can be customized to meet the needs of your specific market.