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Equipment Accessories

Arrow Bingo Converter

The Bingo Data Converter is a state-of-the-art systems conversion and testing tool. The Data Converter allows non-compatible bingo systems to work with each other. Most bingo systems can be upgraded, or simply added to, without changing any existing flashboards.

Item Number
Bingo Data Converter
Flashboard Adapter

Flashboard Adapter

For use with Arrow's Game Indicator and Dollar Value flashboards, the Flashboard Adapter converts one bingo console input signal into four separate amplified output signals. If one flashboard output were to fail, the other flashboard outputs will remain operational.

Item Number

Digital Game Pacer

The Digital Game Pacer offers the perfect solution for calling your bingo game at just the right speed. The unit features a large countdown LED display, a 1-99 second adjustable timer, and an audible "beep" to pace your game. This device is powered by a 120-volt pack.

Item Number
Digital Bingo Game Pacer
Flashboard Covers

Equipment Covers

Add years of life to your equipment with the durable, water-resistant protection of our custom designed Naugahyde covers.

Item Numbers

GI Flashboard Stand: 40615

GI Flashboard Wall: 40620

Single E-max Console: HH857

Double E-max Console: HH858

Presidential Console: 40650

Senator/Ambassador Console: 40660

Statesman Console: 40668

E-max Express Console: HH1400-CVR

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