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The E-max Elite bingo console is Arrow's top of the line model! This user-friendly, sophisticated, and technologically advanced PC-based system offers multimedia and dual video capabilities.

E-Max Elite Bingo Console

The flexibility you need, and the ease of use you desire.


Download important manuals and brochures for the E-Max Elite bingo console.

Intuitive Operation & Functional Design

Multimedia Capabilities

Incorporates a Dell PC with dual video outputs providing the ability the scroll messages and advertisements on hall monitors.

Versatile Configuration

Available in either a single or double configuration to accommodate our progressive Tear-Opens games.

Touchscreen Display

Features a 17" USB touchscreen monitor with positional swing arm, with optional keyboard and mouse interactivity.

Modular Design

A modular design allows for left-handed or right-handed setup on a single blower.

Reflective Ball Chamber

The reflective back of the ball chamber gives players a 360 degree view of the bingo balls.

E-Max Style

Fluorescent red and green acrylic ball chamber panels 'glow', even in low light.

Electronic Cabinet
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Single Bingo Blower
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Single Blower Bingo Console
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Double Blower Bingo Console
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Single Blower Bingo Console

Performance & Reliability

  • Flashboard outputs are protected from static electricity and perform with most flashboards
  • Sealed ball switches protect against drink spills and airborne contaminants
  • Integrated UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) protects against power surges and prevents crashes
  • Manual backup mode in the event of hardware-related or power failure

Additional Features

Magnetic Card Reader

A magnetic card reader provides multiple security levels and quick logon.

Advanced Tech

Featuring the latest tech, including a laser printer, built-in color camera, CDRW, and ethernet

Multi-Face Verification

Mulit-face pattern verification; specifically designed to verify UniMax® and Capitol® bingo paper.

Additional, optional accessories include a random number generator and protective cover

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