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E-Tab Options & Features

All Arrow E-Tab cabinets and games are fully customizable, and can be tailored for specific market regulations.

Ticket Printing



Gameplay Features


On-Demand Ticket Printing


Arrow's E-Tab cabinets are available with an optional on-demand ticket printing option. As each game is played, a ticket with symbols matching the on-screen game is printed and dispensed below the button.

Each cabinet can hold up to 15,000 tickets via two printers, allowing for larger ticket deals while providing lightning fast printing to keep up with the pace of on-screen play.

Tickets are printed and dispensed below the button deck at the time of purchase, enhancing security and allowing for game deals to be spread across multiple Arrow cabinets.

Each ticket is printed with symbols matching the on-screen game, along with important game information including the name, price, location, serial number, date, and prize amount.

On-Demand E-Tabs are available with two different ticket types

with mylar protective sheet

with custom imprint

Peel back the protective mylar sheet to reveal the game symbols

receipt style paper

blank paper

with mylar protective sheet

with custom imprint

Peel back the protective mylar sheet to reveal the game symbols

Jumbotron Cabinet

Cutting-Edge Hardware Solutions for a Variety of Gaming Markets

To support the unique needs of multiple charitable gaming markets with varying regulations, we offer a full range cabinets with customizable hardware configurations.

Mix and match hardware components to offer a fully compliant and entertaining gaming experience.

Voucher Printer

Print secure, barcoded vouchers that can only be redeemed at the site where they originated.

Jackpot Display

Display your progressive jackpot prizes with our captivating, interactive video display(s).

Attraction Lighting

Customize your cabinet with color-changing and/or flashing LED attraction lighting.

Card Reader

Implement a player tracking program and/or access the system administrator interface.

Bill/Voucher Validator

Bill acceptor provides validation for cashout vouchers and $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.

Button Deck

Customize the quantity and function of the buttons on the button deck.

Locking Cabinet

Securely store extra supplies (such as voucher paper or ticket rolls) beneath your cabinet.

Casino Chairs & Stools

Add an ergonomic, embroidered chair or stool designed for maximum player comfort and enjoyment.

Voucher Printer

Arrow's E-Tab system generates an industry-standard cashout voucher, allowing players to collect their winnings that can then be redeemed for cash at the point of sale system, or can be used at another Arrow cabinet using the bill acceptor.

  • Each voucher is printed with the date and time it is generated, retailer information, the winning prize amount, an expiration date, and a unique barcode.
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed at the site where they originated and before the custom configured expiration time/date.
  • Customize your voucher with pre-printed information relating to your venue, legal notices, and/or promotional messaging.

Custom Gameplay Features

Arrow's E-Tab games are completely customizable! The game mechanics, graphics, animation, sounds, math, and so much more can be tailored to meet the needs of every market with varying regulations.

Custom Animation

Arrow offers custom animation options - including popping symbols, spinning reels, pull tab reveals, and many more.

Wild Symbols

Enhance any E-Tab game with wild symbols, quick hits, second chance opportunties, or bonus round triggers.

Power Up

Give your players more chances to win! Many games include bonus rounds such as Pick ‘Em’s, Free Spins, or a Bonus Wheel.

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