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Blue Dog LD8 Handset

Enhance the thrill of bingo with the revolutionary LD8 mobile gaming system from Blue Dog! With its sleek & lightweight design, dynamic interactive gameplay features & state-of-the-art technology, the LD8 will engage players in the ultimate, action-packed bingo experience!

Blue Dog LD8 Bingo Handset

The ultimate bingo companion!


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Proprietary Game Library

The LD8 utilizes Arrow's proprietary non-duplicating nine million bingo card library and supports U-Pick, Double Action, and Bonanza.

Player-Tested Design

The lightweight, fully portable LD8 features a rugged and durable slim enclosure with an integrated kickstand for table use.

Reliable Battery Life

The LD8 is equipped with dual lithium-ion batteries providing up to 12 hours of continuous gameplay on a single charge.

Reliable Verification

Get fast and reliable game verification via advanced security protocols using 128-bit encryption over a secure dual-band wireless network.

Secure Gameplay

eWallet credit management system generates a single-use authorization number that a player must enter prior to the start of the game.

Multilingual Support

The LD8's advanced gaming software has built-in support for a range of language options, including English, Spanish, and French.

Convenient Charging Station for the LD8

Convenient Charging

The convenient, compact LD8 charging station can charge up to 12 gaming units simultaneously, and detects when charging is complete to prevent overcharging.

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A Better Way to Experience Bingo!

Interactive Display

The vivid, high-resolution 8" touchscreen features a user-friendly interface that engages players in a fun and unique interactive electronic bingo experience.

Auto Dabbing

The LD8 features manual or automatic dabbing capabilities including fully automatic, fully automatic with catch-up, or semi-auto options.

Live Ball View

When used with bingo consoles equipped with a camera, the LD8 features an optional live view of each bingo ball as it's called.

LD8 Handset Game Options

Easy-to-Use Interface

The LD8 features a player-friendly, easy-to-use interface, designed to simplify player interaction and let bingo be the focus. With a variety of card and flashboard layouts, players can easily switch between views to display their best one, two, four, or nine bingo cards.

Dabber Selection Screen

Dabber Selection Screen

Best Single Card View

Best Single Card View

Best 2 Cards with Flashboard

Best 2 Cards with Flashboard

Best 9 Cards

Best 9 Cards

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