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The Liberty Tabletop Bingo System is the number one choice for so many small game operators because of its size and lightweight design! The Liberty's portability makes it easy and convenient to set up, use, and store!

Liberty Bingo System

Budget-friendly, lightweight, portable, and so easy to use!


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Liberty Bingo System Features

No Flashboard Required

The Liberty Bingo System is capable of operating as a stand-alone console, without a flashboard.

Large Display Window

The console features a large, wrap-around window providing players an unobstructed view of the ball chamber.

Color-Coded Ball Tray

Our ball tray features an innovative design with color-coded numbered rows to match bingo balls.

Liberty Bingo System Versatility

The Liberty is a lightweight, portable console that is ideal for small areas with limited space, and small, informal settings such as recreational facilities. This versatile console can operate as a tabletop model when the blower is used independently. It can also act as a floor model if used with the optional locking stand, equipped with non-skid casters.

Liberty Tabletop Blower

Liberty Bingo Blower

Item Number
Tabletop Blower: HH5290
Liberty Blower Stand

Liberty Blower Stand

Item Number
Blower Stand: HH1261
Liberty Bingo System
Item Number
Blower + Stand: HH1404

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