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Max Bar Bingo

Max Bar Bingo is a compact, stand-alone electronic bingo caller and verification system designed to bring the classic game of bar bingo into the 21st century without an expensive, full-featured bingo console.

Max Bar Bingo Header
Get your game on!

Max Bar Bingo creates an entertaining bingo experience that engages players, adds integrity to the game, and brings increased revenue to bar bingo game operators and the venues they serve.

Touchscreen Interface

10.1” anti-glare LED
touchscreen with a locking, adjustable stand

HDMI Output

Display the caller screen on an external screen using the included HDMI cable

Random # Generator

Each ball call is genuinely random, just as if they were called from a bingo console

Quick Play Mode

Play a game instantly,
even during an active

Wild Ball Calls

Call multiple balls at the
same time (all evens numbers, all odd numbers, etc.)

Game Pattern Designer

Easy-to-use game pattern designer with hundreds of preinstalled game patterns

Simple Scheduling

Set up each game’s
pattern and prize, and
you’re ready to play

Automated Reporting

Easily keep track of all
schedules, games, balls called, winners, and more

Wireless Printing

Max Bar Bingo supports
USB or wireless printing of detailed session reports

Get your game on!

Add integrity to your bar bingo games with secure and reliable verification that can be displayed on any external screen to show players the valid winning card.

The caller screen displays all important game information, including the game pattern(s), last ball called, ball timer, and a flashboard.

  1. Game Name
  2. Game Number
  3. Total # of Calls
  4. Prize Amount
  5. Schedule Name
  6. Date/Time
  1. Pattern Name
  2. Winning Pattern(s)
  3. Last Ball Call
  4. Ball Call Timer
  5. Flashboard Display
  6. Operator Controls


Download Max Bar Bingo promotional collateral and support materials.


Promotional Flyer

Filesize: 3.8 mb



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What's Included

The Max Bar Bingo system ships complete with everything you need to get your game started.
Part #HH5055

10.1" Touchscreen Tablet

with preloaded software

360° Adjustable Tablet Stand

with weighted base for stable operation

AC/DC Power Adapter

with 2.5mm DC jack

Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

10 feet in length

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Max Bar Bingo must be activated using a valid license key. If you do not have a valid license key, you can obtain one by contacting the Arrow Product Support Center at 800.277.6214.

No. Max Bar Bingo is designed and licensed to operate exclusively on the provided tablet only, which, in turn is designed to run the Max Bar Bingo software only.

Yes. Max Bar Bingo will verify most standard bingo paper series from various manufacturers, including Arrow’s Player Preferred® UniMax®.

No. Max Bar Bingo was designed as a cost-effective solution for bars and social clubs. Game operators can connect their own TV or monitor using the included HDMI cable.

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